As a physician I have no financial ties to developers and lobbyists — quite the contrary. Overdevelopment has a negative impact on the quality of life within my community. The strain overdevelopment places on our city is manifest by the toll it has already taken on our traffic and infrastructure. Explosive growth is also fueling dangerous crime and homelessness. I pledge to put residents before developers to improve our quality of life.

For over 20 years I have fought hard to preserve our parks and public spaces. I was a leader in the opposition that successfully fought the federal government when they tried to take away Hardy Park and turn it over for a courthouse; instead, we expanded the park which is now home to the South Side Cultural Arts Center. I have worked to add and enhance park space throughout the district, including Hector Park, Abreau Park and Stranahan Landing (Southern Tunnel Top Park). I will preserve our parks and our public spaces. There is no excuse why Fort Lauderdale is such a hostile environment to bicycles and pedestrians. We have the ideal environment for outdoor activity year-round. Safe and accessible bicycle and pedestrian pathways were promised to us years ago, and need to be a priority now.

As President of RVCA I had worked with the Fort Lauderdale Traffic and Mobility Department for many years. I have seen firsthand how overdevelopment has taken its toll on our traffic. As a member of the Fort Lauderdale 17 Street Traffic Mobility Advisory, I have had the opportunity to work with city, county, and state traffic experts within our city. With my background in engineering, as commissioner I will pull these resources to prioritize solutions to our traffic congestion.

As president of RVCA I hosted several forums on infrastructure and King Tides. With my training as an engineer, I will bring to the city commission the problem-solving skill set to fix our infrastructure, water treatment, storm water, and sewer systems.

I have worked hand-in-hand with our Fort Lauderdale Police Department for over 20 years. I am truly honored to have received their unanimous endorsement for City Commission.

I have worked with the Fort Lauderdale Fire Department for over 20 years. After going through FLFD first-responder training I invited leaders from all the city’s neighborhoods where I founded the city’s CERT Team (Community Emergency Response Team). I served as the team’s first Chief, where we trained over 1000 first-responder volunteers and integrated our team into the city’s fire department structure. While CERT Chief, I authored the Fort Lauderdale Neighborhood Disaster Response Handbook, that is still used today.

Twenty years ago, the city Fire Bond Committee announced they ran out of money, threatening to significantly scale back or even eliminate the promised Station 8 serving District 4. At the time our area had the worst response times in the city. I lead the effort to ensure that Station 8 was put back on track, and back to scale. At that time, I was also part of the initial effort to add additional rescue response units to our district.

During COVID I reactivated and served as the leader of the Broward County Medical Reserve Corps. Early on I headed an effort to have over 350 volunteers sew masks at home; over 14,000 masks were delivered to the area ER physicians, hospital nursing staffs, first responders, fire-rescue and police. Our MRC later partnered with the United Way, Broward County, EOC, BCMA and Broward Department of Health. We went on to recruit, train and deploy over 1,700 medical volunteers who worked with the DOH during the height of the COVID pandemic. Almost all of you reading this have been served at some time by one of our volunteers at a COVID testing or vaccination site.