Campaign Endorsements

Fort Lauderdale Police FOP

Fort Lauderdale Firefighter’s – Local 765

Broward County Medical Association BAMPAC

Broward Teacher’s Union


Elected Officials:

Marty Kiar—Broward Co Property Appraiser

Lori Parrish—former Prop Appraiser

Sen Steve Geller—former Mayor Broward Co

Nan Rich—Broward County Commissioner

Beam Furr—Broward County Commissioner

Tim Ryan —Broward County Commissioner

George Platt—former County Commissioner

James Naugle—Former Ft Laud Mayor

Joseph Geller—State Representative

Michael Gottlieb—State Representative

Maureen Dinnen—former School Board Mem

Jennifer Gottlieb—former School Board Mem


“I am so sad that you would resort to these tactics. What you wrote is malicious and misleading. 16 years ago, there was one allegation orchestrated by my attorney which I withdrew when it came to court. Warren and I may be divorced, but we remain close friends. We raised four of the finest children together and are proud of the people they have grown to be. Warren is a wonderful and supportive father who volunteered with the PTA, as a coach and team physician and more. Despite what happened in our divorce, Warren’s immediate response when I needed him most absolutely saved my life when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. For all these reasons and more, Warren Sturman has my full support. I know firsthand his integrity, loyalty, and compassion. My hope for you is that in your lifetime you will know someone who has Warren’s capacity to give – and forgive.”
-Alesia Petersen, October 12, 2022